All new accounts assigned to Affiliated Consumer Control, Inc. are immediately keyed into our computer system. A Collection Notice is then generated and sent to the debtor. An acknowledgement of accounts is then sent back to you, our client, listing the accounts you assigned to our office.

The new accounts are then assigned to a Collector and entered into that collector’s work schedule for  contact with the debtor. Collectors thoroughly review all documentation supplied on the account so that they are completely familiar with your account before any contact is made with the debtor.

During contact with the debtors, the Collector will attempt to direct the debtor to make payment on your debt, while at the same time assembling as much information as possible about the debtor’s financial position.

Affiliated Consumer Control, Inc. is able to accept Checks by Telephone,  along with Visa and Master Card  to facilitate payment immediately.

Should it become necessary, Affiliated Consumer Control, Inc. will initiate legal action, on your behalf , to secure a Court Judgment  to further facilitate the collection of your debt.

Collection Services Include:

  • Medical Collections
  • Dental Collections
  • Chiropractic Collections
  • Optometrist Collections
  • Property Management
  • Judgments
  • Open Book Accounts
  • Service Agreements
  • Leases
  • Bad Checks
  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • All Collections, Large or Small
  • No Collection-No Fee
  • Ask about our FREE 10-day Letter Service
  • National Credit Bureau Reporting
  • Licensed Private Investigator on Staff
  • Attorney on Staff


Skip-Tracing and Asset Location have always been a difficulty in the collection of debts. After all, you can’t collect from a debtor you can’t find!Affiliated Consumer Control, Inc. employs experienced, Licensed Private Investigators who leave “no stone unturned” when it comes to locating debtors and assets to facilitate the collection of our client’s collection accounts and judgments.

Legal Services

The Legal Department of Affiliated Consumer Control, Inc. is committed to perform responsibly to benefit our clients by utilizing all lawful means to collect the assigned debts. We file Summons, Complaints, Abstracts, Writs, Levies and all necessary legal documents. Our Staff Attorney handles all court appearances, and is available to guide staff with appropriate collection and legal advise and direction.

We are Committed to:

Perform as a responsible group of people, for the benefit of all people and toward a positive interaction between client and debtor.

Exemplify, by example, the industries highest set of business standards, ethics and principals.

Assure profitability by sharing with all, as a matter of policy.

Recognize the dignity of all persons and synthesizing this awareness into our business decisions.

Commit our resources without hesitation and encouraging innovation by all staff as a path to personal growth and towards the fulfillment of our client services.

As a Client, you will be served by professional individuals guided by these principals and supported by Affiliated Consumer Control, Inc., network, staff and technical resources.